Sample Packaging Guidelines

To ensure accurate results samples need to be packaged the following way.

Juice Samples
  • Fermenting juice sample should be packaged in unbreakable plastic with head space sufficient for CO2 production.
  • Juice samples should be analyzed as soon as possible, please send overnight via FedEx or via courier

Wine Samples

  • Take a representative sample
  • Wine should be sent in sealed glass or plastic containers
  • Important for microbiological tests, stir the barrel or mix tank prior to sending sample.  Microbial cells tend to settle to the bottom of the vessel


For accurate sample tracking and processing please ensure the form is filled in completely and accurately.  The analyst request form contains the label that will be used for chain of custody tracking.  Completely fill out the label and attach it to the sample bottle.

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Request Form - 95K .DOC
Request Form - 10K .PDF

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