AHR Analytical, LLC

The Rocky Mountain region's wine industry is experiencing never before seen growth.  Although many wineries have been established for some time, the entire region has seen amazing growth with the establishment of new wineries.  These wineries are producing first class wines.

With that, the need for a first class wine analysis laboratory has been met.

AHR Analytical, LLC is the laboratory that will service the analytical needs of your winery.  AHR Analytical is owned and operated in our region for wineries in our region. 

Adele Rucker, the chemist, holds a BS in Chemistry and has many years of analytical and quality control experience.  Adele's love of chemistry and wine moved her to get into the wine analysis industry.   Adele is the first TTB Certified Chemist in Colorado.

The lab is run by rigorous standards of analysis and quality control.  AHR Analytical, LLC implements the best laboratory practices, following accepted and proven analytical procedures along with a detailed quality control program ensures the accuracy of each and every data result that is reported by our lab.

17636 E. Progress Drive - Centennial, CO 80015     |     303-502-9232     |     info@ahranalytical.com

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